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The restaurant “Bucintoro” is located under the hotel “Belvedere” in Soi Baanzan, close to the Junceylon shopping mall and just a few minutes away from the famous Bangla Road and Patong Beach.

Start in the morning with “American and continental breakfast” , continue in the day with first courses among which the “Tagliatelle with porcini” and “Gnocchi with radicchio and sausage,” second courses as the ” Fillet with porcini”, the “Sliced beef with rocket and parmesan”, fish as the “Fillet meuniere whitesnapper” and the excellent “Mixed Fried” and varied salads of all kinds. The desserts are homemade, produced by an Italian confectioner and even the ‘”espresso” is to the occasion. The Pizza, which has the characteristic of being thin, it may be ordered in various shapes and sizes. Calzone, rolled up pizzas, giant pizzas, pizza outstretched, white or flavored with traditional ingredients of choice. Last but not least, the menu of “Bucintoro” includes a selection of Thaifood to be able to satisfy customers in Thailand.

Bucintoro Pizzeria  follows the tradition of the Italian cuisine, serves old recipes and fresh ingredients from the local markets in a pleasant and large space that make you feel like to be in the heart of Italy.

The environment is clean and nice, the big table for the pizza is on view in the dining room with wood oven, professionalism is evident in all the details but, despite this, the atmosphere is informal and friendly and the prices very reasonable.
The menu of “Bucintoro”, packed with over 200 different proposals, it is able to satisfy every request.